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PRODUCT SOLUTIONS: Feed Mill Manager Mistakes cost profit. That simple sentence sums up why automated accounting procedures are being implemented across the country. Chandle...
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Pennent® Operations : Confidence in keeping your plant running, customer satisfaction high and your bottom line is growing. 

Advice and solutions to make you more successful:

Pennent® Advisory Service  Want to shrink your shrink? Find opportunities to improve manufacturing throughput? Improve product quality? Grow your bottom line? Pennent Advisors are feed industry experts ready to help you onsite.

Watch this 2 minute video to learn more Pennent® Advisory Service  

Pennent® Mill Manager on Sivado  Need to make more timely decisions? Does timely and accurate information flow between systems to make this possible?

Learn more about this operational hub connecting formulation, purchasing, inventory management, manufacturing, financials and other solutions. Use your current investment in systems. Pennent Mill Manager works with existing ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2.

Watch this 2 minute video to learn more Pennent® Mill Manager

Pennent® Pricing on Sivado Challenged with keeping your feed prices up to date? Is visibility of costs spanning multiple sites making initial pricing challenging? Gain the flexibility to take advantage of customer, site and product specific pricing options that include user defined variables, costs and customized equations.

Feed Tags™ Ever changing regulations making it difficult to know if your feed labels are compliant?

Assurance that you can generate accurate, professional labels directly from your feed formulation, complete with drug warning statements.

Pennent® Modeling; What’s it worth to shave time off your processes? Evaluate the efficiency of your workforce? Make effective business decisions based on facts? 

Pennent® Advisors can evaluate your processes and help you implement Modeling to analyze your mill’s equipment capacity and labor utilization for continuous improvement and a better bottom line.

Pennent® Repairs and Maintenance ; Frustrated by your lines going down at the most inopportune times? Unplanned shutdowns harming customer service?

Be more proactive with a scheduled repairs and maintenance plan. Your customers will be happier and so will your leadership team.