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"Feed Management Systems enables us to integrate all of the critical information between our suppliers, batching system and our customers. With this information, we can be sur...
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Feed Mill Manager™

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Many feed manufacturers work with multiple technology solutions, requiring complex, labor-intensive processes, and repeated entries of the same data.

The Feed Mill Manager™ solution changes all of that. This integrated feed solution serves as an operational hub that ties formulation, purchasing, manufacturing, and financials together, providing unprecedented flexibility and control, ready access to data, and accurate records that help facilitate compliance.

Operate more efficiently and profitably
  • Enable seamless integration with Brill Formulation® solution, batch controllers, accounting, and other animal management tools
  • Provide real-time control over inventory, purchasing, shipping logistics, pricing, labeling, and formulation
  • Perform one-time data entry reducing staff time, errors, and rework
  • Enable full traceability of feed ingredients and finished feed for compliance with food safety and government regulations
  • Provide greater pricing flexibility and help maintain accurate margins and customer loyalty
  • Customize your reports taking the guesswork out of planning and forecasting
  • Deploy stage feeding to help meet your animal producer needs
  • Take advantage of optional modules that provide even more robust functionality
Streamline business processes

Automating operational processes will enable you to:

  • Focus on value-added areas rather than menial tasks
  • Access accurate, critical information 24/7
  • Keep up with market and customer needs
Reduce operational costs

Seamless integration with other systems helps to:

  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Consolidates data, allowing informed decisions to be made
  • Increase accuracy and reduces costly errors

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